At BELTER we recognise the importance of supporting sport at all levels, from elite level to the core of sport development at grass-roots level. It's because of this that we are confident we can boost the potential of any and all athletes.


The pouch experience is discreet but powerful. By placing the pouch next to the gum, you can rapidly absorb the caffeine whilst the flavour triggers powerful taste to help focus your mind.

Sport science research has shown that caffeine increases alertness, reduces perceived effort and improves cognitive function.

By absorbing through the gum, you can reduce the irritation that coffee and energy drinks or powders can sometimes cause in your stomach. Whilst research show that the level of caffeine in the body will plateau through gum absorption rather than continue to increase if ingested, helping you to avoid a crash.


We know the struggle of fitting in a gym session or a game of five-a-side around a busy schedule. Once the timing is nailed, the last thing you want is that fatigue saying "I'm not feeling it today".

The 15 minutes it takes to absorb the caffeine makes BELTER the ideal pre-workout. Rather than planning when to eat or drink, simply pop in a BELTER on your way from work to training and be ready to go by the time you arrive.

There are 15 great-tasting pouches in every BELTER canister, making this both an energy-smart and a money-smart alternative to energy drinks. How much would 15 cans set you back?


We've developed BELTER with the diversity of sport in mind. While some products, treatments and supplements are aimed at specific disciplines, BELTER's benefits are wide-reaching:

  • To give you that extra boost on days when even getting out the door is a challenge.
  • To help you chase that personal best, closing the gaps you didn't think you could close.
  • To keep you and your team in the match until the final whistle while your opponents flag.
  • To focus your mind for when your concentration is paramount to success.


We aim to help sports teams and athletes of all abilities to achieve higher levels of performance and use the lessons learned to help all of our customers. We know how essential consistency and discipline are for progress and breaking barriers.

Just as you wouldn't be able to train without your gym bag, boots or kit, we believe BELTER is as important to any athlete for achieving new levels of performance.


Informed Sport is a global quality assurance and supplement certification programme for sports supplements. Presence of the Informed Sport supplement certification quality mark on product packaging demonstrates to athletes and consumers that every batch of a product has been tested for more than 250 substances prohibited in sport and that the product was made in an environment with quality systems appropriate for the stringent demands of sports nutrition manufacturing.

BELTER is the first ever pouch to be certified by Informed Sport.


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BELTER is a new way to give you a quick-acting mental and physical boost


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